Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero Award

The Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero Award honors a rescue pet who has done an incredible thing. Established in 2018, the award has so far recognized four amazing four-legged heroes. Stay tuned to find out who will win the award in 2021!

2020 Rescue Pet Heroes – Sandy and Denver

Sandy’s Story: Earlier this year, on a hot July day in Glendale, Calif. Gwen Johnson, 88 stepped out onto her front porch and fell. Out of sight from the street, Gwen had no idea how long she would lay on the ground unable to get up. Nearly an hour later, Glendale Waste Management employee Kirk White arrived at Johnson’s home on his usual route for waste pickup.  Surveillance video from Johnson’s home shows Sandy springing into action to get White’s attention. Sandy’s heroic move earned him the title of 2020 Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero.

Denver’s Story: Denver and his littermates arrived by van transport to Helen Woodward Animal Center from Louisiana receiving a second-chance at a happy life. Denver chose Star, his a deaf and nearly blind sister as his main playmate, the two were rarely apart and when separated, Denver would come running back to love on her let her know he was there.

Inspired by their story, Art and Sheri Armendariz of Encinitas, Calif. welcomed them into their home. Since then, the Armendariz’s say Denver and Star’s bond has only grown.  Always finding their way back to each other, the Armendariz’s believe Denver helps Star live her life to the fullest despite her challenges. “She’s very confident and has no fear,” Art Armendariz explained. “But she always finds her way back to him.”

Denver’s dedication to his sister Star earned him the 2020 Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero award. 

2019 Rescue Pet Hero – Pinky

Despite being very small, the size of Pinky’s heart is extraordinary. In 2019, Pinky and her mom Chris Kremers of San Diego, CA were in a store when five armed robbers  rushed in and held customers at gunpoint. Chris credits Pinky with keeping her calm during the incredibly frightening and traumatic experience. She says Pinky laid down under her and didn’t make a sound. She says Pinky’s Zen-like demeanor gave her the strength to get through the 20 minute standoff. Chris believes Pinky’s presence that day was life-saving and a godsend during that scary situation. She says Pinky has since helped her cope with that violent encounter.


2018 Rescue Pet Hero – Yeti

Yeti is a remarkable pit bull blend adopted by the Lennox family from Verde Valley, Arizona. He struggled to find his forever home, but once he finally did, he gave them the ultimate thanks. Yeti is credited with saving his human brother Fallon from drowning during a family trip to the river. Yeti is said to have jumped into action and gone in after Fallon doing his best to push the young boy to shore. It was a scary experience that the Lennox family is grateful to have had Yeti by their side.