September 26th, 2024

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Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

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“I adopted a dog, a black and white bull terrier mix, dressed him in a nice shirt and tie, put him on the cover of my first hit record and people are still singing Jessie’s Girl to this day thanks to my awesome adopted boy Lethal Ron. Adopted dogs help dreams come true. Please make a homeless pet’s dreams come true by singing the praises of shelter pets on Remember Me Thursday®!”

Rick Springfield is an accomplished singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, actor, and author. With 25 million records sold, a Grammy® Award for his No. 1 smash-hit Jessie’s Girl and a whopping 17 Top-40 hits, Springfield has toured for over 30 years, hand-delivering the hits to millions of fans worldwide during his legendary, high-energy live shows. He is currently touring in support of his seventeenth album The Snake King. Whether on the road or off, he is always a friend to animals often raising funds for non-profit organizations close to his heart. Rick and his family share their home with their dog Bindi (pictured).