September 26th, 2024

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Megan Rose

Megan Rose

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“There are so many animals in this world that are looking for love and kindness and I believe we are here to give that to them. How we treat animals both in our homes, in the wild and in need is a direct correlation of how we treat the humans around us. The better we are to animals the better we end up being to humans.”

Megan is the Co-Founder of Gal’s Best Friend, the go-to site for modern-day dog moms, as well as the dog mom to @pharrellandrosie. A Dallas girl turned NYC dog mom, she now lives in the city that never sleeps with her 3 dogs. Megan is on the marketing team at Fi, the smart collar for dogs, and is also a pet freelance editor for  Megan sits on the board of Global Strays, which is where her passion lies in helping dogs around the world and raising awareness on the importance of spay and neuter programs in developing countries.She is also the author of the upcoming children’s book, Rescuing Rumba, based on her story rescuing dog Rumba, which will be released this fall.