September 26th, 2024

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Jamie Little

Jamie Little

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” I am a believer that when we rescue an animal, they are truly rescuing us. There is something beautiful that comes from loving an unwanted animal. I have four rescue dogs, all from different shelters, and I can not describe the love and joy they bring me and my family every day. They teach us how to be better humans, how to have compassion. They make me strive to save them all, through work, charity, and advocacy. This is why I support Remember Me Thursday®.”

Jamie Little is a seasoned motor sports reporter covering the pit road for FOX NASCAR, as well as an animal rescue ambassador who served as a reporter at the Westminster Kennel Club Show since 2019. Jamie acts as sideline reporter on the course speaking with the teams as they make their way through the competition. In addition to her role as a FOX reporter, Jamie began her “Shelter Surprise” initiative where she surprises animal shelters in various NASCAR markets with monetary donations as well as much needed supplies for the animals. Her family has two children, Sierra and Carter, and four rescue dogs, Stella, Bailey, Oreo & Smokey who all bring joy to their lives.