September 26th, 2024

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Worried Cat a.k.a Bum

Worried Cat a.k.a Bum

See what Worried Cat a.k.a Bum is up to:

On behalf of all the amazing cats waiting at shelters and rescues, I hope that you will adopt, not shop, and realize that the most special animals come from shelters and rescues.  On Remember Me Thursday® and every day, I worry about the cats who may never get their chance to have a loving home.”

Bum, also known as Worried Cat, may look frightened due to slightly crossed eyes and funny shaped eyelids, but he is a happy go lucky, silly and very smart cat. Adopted from the San Diego Humane Society kitten nursery as a young kitten, Bum is now a fearless advocate for pet adoption.  Bum is such a loving soul that welcomes many new fosters that come into his home. When he’s not spreading the message of adoption and importance of spay and neuter programs, he is cuddling with all the animals in the home, playing with catnip and feather toys and sharing his adventures on Instagram.