September 26th, 2024

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Sunglass Cat

Sunglass Cat

See what Sunglass Cat is up to:

“It’s okay to look and be different and a disability doesn’t mean an inability. On Remember Me Thursday®, please take a moment to encourage others to consider adopting a special needs pet from a shelter!”

SunglassCat (also known as Bagel) is a special needs cat who was born was born without eyelids to spread an eye-opening  message of acceptance and tolerance. Her life mission is to advocate for and support rescued animals through education and fundraising. SunglassCat visits schools to speak with the kids to encourage them to accept, show empathy for, and be kind for all that may look and be different. Teachers from around the world been spreading her message to their students: Accept others for who they are, include others despite their differences, show empathy and compassion towards others, and always be kind as well as considerate to all the animals and people in the world!