September 26th, 2024

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Boogie Shoes

Boogie Shoes

See what Boogie Shoes is up to:

Remember Me Thursday® is a pinnacle day each year to remember that there is a homeless pet waiting for YOU at your local shelter or rescue. Please take a moment to honor the millions of pets who don’t get adopted and lose their lives each year, by adopting a pet today. ”

Boogie is a two-pound Chihuahua with cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a neurological condition that challenges his motor skills and gives him his signature “boogie” moves. His positive attitude and resilience have won the hearts of thousands who follow him each day on his social platforms. Boogie also makes special visits to schools and summer camps to help promote animal welfare education to children. When he is not busy being a pet adoption ambassador, he enjoys chomping on apples and watermelon, wobbling around on his big area rug and being a “Mr. bossy-pants” to his much larger adoptive pack, which includes Bruno, Pina and Sesame!