Meet 2021 Remember Me Thursday® Contest Winners

Since its inception, Remember Me Thursday® has touched over 1.5 billion people across the world by advocating for pet adoption. Rescue pets have a profound impact on our lives and to remember them, we launched our annual Remember Me Thursday® contest to give back to the organizations who perform life-saving work!

Here are the winners from the contest submissions we received this year:

First Place Winner – Charley, adopted from Tracy’s Paws Rescue

Charley was tagged for euthanasia in a border shelter in south Texas. He was rescued and brought to Tracy’s rescue where staff discovered he sits up all the time for attention or anything he wants for that matter. He still does it today. In fact, I’m convinced this is what saved his life and got him noticed in an overcrowded shelter. He needed me to give him a better life. The past two years, he has rescued me. I am a front-line worker and family is not close in proximity and we could not get together. It’s been Charley and me for the past 18 mos. I thank him every day for helping me get thru the dark days of front-line work during a pandemic. In addition, he’s known among friends and family for his bow ties. Everyone loves to see what tie he’s wearing and many say it makes them smile. Who doesn’t need a smile nowadays!? He has reached so many since he was rescued.


Second Place Winner – Marlowe, adopted from Sweet Dream House Rescue

Little did I know when I went shopping at my local grocery store in 2020 that my life was about to change forever. I finished grocery shopping and decided to pop into PetSmart next door. They show local rescue cats there. On this particular day I needed something to cheer me up since I’m a nurse and had been working long hours on the COVID unit. I thought I would see a couple kittens who were full of life and leave feeling a little better. I walked through the doors and my eyes were drawn to this mostly hairless cat who was pacing back and forth clearly terrified and lonely. The cashier gave her a sympathetic gaze and told me, “Yeah she’s 14 and has plucked out most of her hair from stress.” She continued by saying, you should take her out and play with her for a bit, she could really use it! I sat on the floor and she plucked her from the cage and that’s the precise moment my life changed. This cat melted into my lap and started giving my hand little nudges for pets. I felt tears well behind me eyes as I thought that I couldn’t possibly leave this sweet creature here. I could tell she had been through so much but I felt a connection with her because lately I had been through a lot too. She started purring like a maniac and she suddenly jumped out of my lap and started exploring the small adoption room. Funny thing is she would always race back to me for more pets. It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was going to be my companion who I would come home to.

Fast forward a year and a half later and a lot has changed in the world but Marlowe’s love and devotion to me, and mine to her, has not changed. She follows me everywhere, is at the door to greet me when I get home, and sleeps in my arms every night. Her hair has grown back and she is quite healthy. She has become my sidekick. God knew what he was doing that fateful day when he sent that tired and hopeless nurse into PetSmart. People like to say that I saved this senior animal. I smile at them and tell them, she saved me more.

Third Place Winner – Kovu, adopted from A Passion for Paws

I adopted Kovu (Akita/GSD mix) during the surge of COVID around the holidays of 2020. I lived alone working as a physician and I was exhausted and lonely from the COVID struggle. Adopting Kovu (my COVID-boo) completely changed my life.

He is always there for me after a long day at work. His joyful and energetic spirit continually lifts me up (and literally gets me up going for walks!). I adopted him, but he saved me too. He is my happiness. Thank you A Passion for Paws for bringing us together.

People’s Choice Winner – Mork Skywalker, adopted from Road Dogs & Rescue

Mork reminds me to have hope – that when you’re struggling and there seems to be no way out, help can come in from left field.  Like who would have thought a little dog destined for slaughter in China would now be living the loved life in California!  He was pulled from a meat truck by Harbin SHS and brought to the US by Road Dogs Rescue. Road Dogs primarily rescues brachycephalic breeds, and puppies born with birth defects like hydrocephalus and spina bifida. But when they saw that dogs in China desperately needed help, they helped.

Mork’s journey touches hearts not only because it reminds us to keep the faith, but it also encourages people to give a new beginning to a rescue animal.  They all have stories and deserve to have a second chance.  And in giving them a second chance, we grow too. I have so much gratitude for Mork and the light that he shines.  His joy of life brings so much joy to me and others, and it’s been fun to see him become popular on social media – with his chubby chibby chops and dancing chicken feet, lol.   I mean, what better way to spread the message of adoption than through sharing love and wonder?!